A. What Is 3Dmanufacturer?

3Dmanufacturer is the first project in Vietnam to transform traditional 3D printing into 100% automated online 3D printing. This application allows every individual and business to receive online quotes automatically, easily, significantly saving production time and costs, order quickly, anytime, anywhere, 24/7, freely customize specifications, minimize confusion and errors.

Advantages and differences of 3D automated 3D printing platform 3Dmanufacturer compared to other applications:

1. The first and only online 3D printing platform in Vietnam

2. Order quickly, anytime, anywhere, 24/7

3. 100% risk free, free warranty

4. Supply over 20 types of 3D printing materials

5. The thinnest and most detailed 3D printing capabilities

6. U.S. FDA quality certification

B. Why Work With Us?

– Extremely attractive discounts and commissions, 7% or more; If you have multiple orders and reach enough target levels, the automated system will contact and reward you with more attractive new commissions. So, if you’re confident and prove your traffic, contact us via email: to enjoy CPA privileges or sign up with us right below!

– Completely free registration, no customer service required, monitoring, revenue management and quick commissions receiving, trustworthy, on time, enthusiastic and fast support via email.

– Receive newsletters and documents dedicated to partners to share experiences, know-how and skills, update the latest features, offers and events to increase work efficiency.

– Participate in competitions organized by 3Dmanufacturer and win many valuable major awards, be ranked revenue and award big gifts, overseas trips when 3Dmanufacturer sums up revenue at the end of the year.

– Admirable numbers:

+ Return rate: 0.5%

+ AOV: VND 1,000,000 – VND 10,000,000

+ LTV: Up to VND 100,000,000

+ EPCs: VND 10,000

– Many prestigious partners, KOLs have offered to cooperate and link marketing our services: Mechanical Magazine, Industry and Trade Magazine…

C. Start Registering and Making Money Now

Step 1. Register for the program easily here.

Step 2. After filling out the registration form, if eligible, within 24 hours we will send you a confirmation email with the contract file and other support and benefits of the partner.

Step 3. After receiving a confirmation email with a contract file and partner benefits, you can start promoting and inserting links into your ads, websites, or social media to generate unlimited income.

D. Commission and Payment

– We will pay you a commission biweekly on Wednesday with a minimum one-time payment of VND 500,000. With an income of less than VND 500,000, we will add up with the following times until you are eligible for payment. An email notification of payment will be sent to you 2 days before we proceed with the payment.

– A commission in a single payment will be calculated based on the total value of a successful order made on the 3Dmanufacturer application during that period derived from Urls, banners, etc. of the partner. Successful orders do not include orders cancelled or returned. Returned or refunded orders will not be counted and deducted directly from the total income of each payment. Refund information will be sent directly along with email during each payment.

– Our affiliate marketing system uses cookies with a storage period of 30 days, which means that within 30 days of the user accessing 3Dmanufacturer via links, banners… in order to make the purchase, the partner will receive a commission on that order provided that the partner is the last-click attribution. In the event that the user accesses the partner’s link but does not make a purchase, then accesses 3Dmanufacturer through another source to make a purchase, the partner will not receive a commission for this order.

– Payment method: Bank transfer

E. Policies and Conditions

1. Permitted rights and activities:

– Provided affiliate ID to track/manage orders for 3Dmanufacturer affiliate marketing partners.

– Use promotional materials other than those available on our system platform.

– Contact to control/check order information resulted from your promotional activities.

2. Prohibited acts:

2.1 Affiliates cannot run any campaigns using the “3Dmanufacturer” brand in any of their PPCs. This includes but is not limited to Google (or any Google product), Facebook, Bing, Instagram, Pinterest as well as bidding on any 3Dmanufacturer branded keywords.

2.2 Affiliates are prohibited from creating websites, social networking sites or accounts as representatives, creators or owners of 3Dmanufacturer; intentionally impersonating or providing false information about 3Dmanufacturer in order to reach users. Affiliates may not use terms such as “fraud” in review articles, social media posts or 3Dmanufacturer application review sites; using 3Dmanufacturer’s trademarks on sites with malicious content, ethical and law violations; deliver incomplete, outdated or misleading information related to 3Dmanufacturer’s products or services;

2.3 Affiliates must comply with “CAN-SPAM” regulations and guidelines in sending marketing emails. It is strictly forbidden to deceive, coerce transactions or automatically obtain other people’s information and accounts to trade without their consent; create fake orders and fake transactions with 3Dmanufacturer services; and compete and harm participants in 3Dmanufacturer’s Affiliate system.

2.4 Affiliates are prohibited from offering bonuses or gifts of any kind in order to share revenue or entice customers to take advantage of 3Dmanufacturer’s policies.

2.5 Affiliates are not directly linked to the order page and directly to the cart or order form from any advertisement or landing page.

3. Other regulations:

– 3Dmanufacturer is responsible for all customer service on the 3Dmanufacturer application.

– Any affiliates that violate these policies will be permanently banned and will not be reviewed to further promote any 3Dmanufacturer services in the future. In cases of law violations, 3Dmanufacturer is not responsible for these acts at all.

F. Resources And Guidance

1. Banners, advertisement templates, images, videos

2. Email Swipes

3. Tracking Pixels 

4. Facebook Resources

5. CPA 

Updated 11/23/2021


  • Company name: 3D SMART SOLUTIONS CO., LTD
  • Representative: TRUONG TAN TONG
  • Address: No. 9/9 Street 9, Quarter 3, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 028 7304 7788
  • Email:
  • Trader’s business registration certificate number: 0313566379
  • Issue date: August 14, 2015
  • Unit Establishment decision of the organization: The Department of Planning & Investment, HCMde