A. Overview

By using the supported shipping service of 3Dmanufacturer and our partners, you are guaranteed legal rights and benefits as well as will commit to complying with the conditions and terms applicable in this Shipping and Payment Policies.

B. Shipping Policy

1. Delivery methods:

3Dmanufacturer signed an exclusive cooperation with Viettel Post Company responsible for the fast and safe delivery of goods to customers. 3Dmanufacturer and Viettel Post support 4 different shipping methods to meet the different needs of customers. Depending on the order weight and the desired time to receive the goods, customers can choose the most suitable transportation method:

– Delivery at 3Dmanufacturer printing factory: the most economical and fastest for customers locating near 3Dmanufacturer printing factory in Ho Chi Minh City

– Economical delivery: the most cost-saving

– Express delivery: the most balanced between cost and delivery time

– Express delivery: the fastest delivery time

2. Shipping time: 

The earliest shipping time is in 24 hours and the latest is about 6 days depending on the nature of the package and the location of the Customer in the territory of Vietnam:

– Delivery at 3Dmanufacturer printing factory: You can come to receive goods as soon as the production completion notification sent

– Economical delivery: from 4-6 days

– Fast delivery: from 1-2 days

– Express delivery: within 24 hours

However, there are also cases where deliveries last longer than expected but only occur in force majeure situations as follows:

– Delivery staff who contact customers by phone but are not responded so cannot deliver

– Incorrect delivery address provided by Customer

– The number of orders spiked, causing the processing of orders to be slow

Slower-than-expected delivery partners slow down or delivery partners slow

In case of delays in delivery, we will promptly inform customers to find the best solution for customers. If after the agreement period we do not deliver or do not respond, you may file a direct complaint about 3Dmanufacturer and claim if it proves that the delay affected your business.

3. Shipping fee:

3Dmanufacturer collaborates with Viettel Post’s shipping service, so the shipping fee will be charged according to the partner’s fee depending on the location and volume of the order. This shipping method and shipping details will be calculated automatically on the 3Dmanafacturer platform and attached to the order that the customer agrees to confirm payment upon order.

Regulations on free shipping:

– Cases 3Dmanufacturer supports free shipping:

+ Orders with a total value of goods over VND 20 million

+ Not violating the fraud policy or taking advantage of 3Dmanufacturer support policy

– Free shipping with conditions:

+ Be a partner or loyal customer receiving bonuses from special promotions of 3Dmanufacturer

+ Not violating fraud policies or taking advantage of 3Dmanufacturer support policy

– Cases where 3Dmanufacturer does not support free shipping:

+ Orders with a value of less than VND 20 million

+ Not a partner to enjoy special preferential policies of 3Dmanufacturer

+ Orders show signs of fraud, taking advantage of 3Dmanufacturer’s support policies

3. Order tracking:

From the time your order begins to be shipped, you will receive an automated 3Dmanufacturer email containing an order tracking code accompanied by a message that the order has begun shipping; thereby making it easy for you to directly monitor the delivery time and schedule to proactively arrange work and receive your products as soon as possible.

C. Payment Methods

1. Payment methods:

3Dmanufacturer always brings the most convenience delivery service to customers. Currently, we are supporting 3 different flexible payment methods:

– Bank transfer

– MoMo e-Wallet

– Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/JCB international payment card linked to MoMo

Detailed information about the Bank account and MoMo e-Wallet will be emailed to you after successfully confirming the order.

2. Payment instructions:

When the order confirmation on the 3Dmanufacturer application is successful, you will receive an email instructing you how to make a payment notified immediately after that; you can check the email and follow the instructions to transfer the money and complete the payment. Upon completion of payment, you will receive an email containing the invoice and confirmation of successful payment for your order.

3. Commitment to information security:

3Dmanufacturer is committed to the security of the account holder’s information and does not actively save the account holder’s information. In addition, to ensure the security of customer payments, 3Dmanufacturer uses SSL secure payment standards and works closely with banks and other payment partners to ensure that each of your transactions is protected and secure.

Updated 11/23/2021


  • Company name: 3D SMART SOLUTIONS CO., LTD
  • Representative: TRUONG TAN TONG
  • Address: No. 9/9 Street 9, Quarter 3, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 028 7304 7788
  • Email:
  • Trader’s business registration certificate number: 0313566379
  • Issue date: August 14, 2015
  • Unit Establishment decision of the organization: The Department of Planning & Investment, HCMC