A. Overview

In order for you to be assured of product quality and to protect the rights and benefits of the Customers, 3Dmanufacturer is responsible for warranty of all products manufactured by 3Dmanufacturer, complying with the terms and conditions in this Product Warranty Policy.

B. Warranty Period

– Warranty period: within 15 days from the issuance of sales invoices.

– Warranty request processing time: from 5-7 working days.

– Additional time limit to provide evidence: within 24 hours from the date of additional information request, or evidence provision sent by our Customer Service by email to you.

– The full warranty requirements include: sales invoice, shipping invoice, original photo shipper sent, photo of goods when shipper delivered, and photo of goods when damaged.

– The result of processing the successful warranty request will be notified directly to customers by 3Dmanufacturer via email with instructions on how to return the product for a completely free warranty.

If 3Dmanufacturer’s request processing and investigation shows that the damage suffered is not entirely due to the fault of the shipping partner or by 3Dmanufacturer but caused by you, 3Dmanufacturer reserves the right to refuse warranty for these cases.

C. Warranty Conditions

1. Cases where the product is covered by warranty:

The product is free of warranty for the warranty period and the error or damage of the product is caused by the fault of the shipping partner or of 3Dmanufacturer such as:

Defective or damaged products caused by shipping

+ Products mistakenly delivered or delivered due to the fault of the shipping unit

+ You do not receive the product or all the products ordered (delivered without full products)

Unsolicited products, e.g., wrong technology, wrong material, size, color, etc., or markedly different from the production requirements information on the application

– For products past the warranty period, 3Dmanufacturer can receive the warranty at the customer’s request but at a fee.

2. Cases where the product is not covered by warranty:

– The product is damaged by the intentional infestation of the user or the Customer voluntarily intervenes and repairs without the permission of 3Dmanufacturer experts

– Products damaged due to force majeure reasons such as flooding, fire, or natural disasters

– The product is damaged due to misuse, due to the user intentionally changing the component, structure, , due to the wrong or asynchronous installation

– Products damaged by improper storage; scratched, peeled, rusted products due to exposure to chemicals

– Invalid product or contact information (does not exist or does not match the information declared on the system, or is not authorized by the Customer to directly contact)  

D. Product Storage and Packaging Guide

– 3Dmanufacturer always encourages customers to record videos or take photos of products or packages before opening as soon as they receive them as proof of reference submitted together with warranty claims. Please preserve and maintain the status quo of parcels and products, not to try or cause an impact that makes the condition of the product no longer the same as when receiving the goods.

– In order to limit the problems arising related to return, you note that it is necessary to pack in accordance with the regulations on packing goods of the carrier and return the product including all accessories, shipping invoices, VAT invoices if any and the product must be intact as when receiving the goods.

– When requested to provide and supplement evidence, you are responsible for assisting 3Dmanufacturer in the process of verifying information by providing truthful and accurate information when 3Dmanufacturer contacts and supports 3Dmanufacturer returns as directed in the email.

E. Warranty Contact Information

Please contact 3Dmanufacturer’s Customer Service directly to request a warranty and be supported quickly through:

– Hotline: 0345 699 777 

– Email:

– 3Dmanufacturer Printing Factory: 9/9 Str. 9, Quarter 3, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

Updated 11/23/2021


  • Company name: 3D SMART SOLUTIONS CO., LTD
  • Representative: TRUONG TAN TONG
  • Address: No. 9/9 Street 9, Quarter 3, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 028 7304 7788
  • Email:
  • Trader’s business registration certificate number: 0313566379
  • Issue date: August 14, 2015
  • Unit Establishment decision of the organization: The Department of Planning & Investment, HCMC